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Incentivising your employees, customers and partners has never been easier.

adumo Payouts is a trusted partner in payroll, rewards & incentives and expense management solutions for South African corporates. We empower you to recognise and incentivise positive behaviour.

Whether you're driving sales, promoting your brand or building lasting relationships with your customers and partners, we have a solution to fit your budget and business.

"adumo Payouts is our preferred business partner in rewarding & incentivising our staff. They have been exemplary in the services that they offer. We recommend them with confidence."


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Great for one and all.

For your employees

Boost morale, improve company culture, encourage positive behaviours, and ensure compliance in the workplace through incentives.

For your customers

Show your customers how much you value their business and support by rewarding them with a pre-loaded gift card.

For your partners

Engage and drive sales agents by rewarding performance and results instantly - increasing your bottom line.

31 January 2022
Press Release

The role of incentives & rewards in attracting, retaining top talent.

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