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Safety & Performance.

Imagine a workplace where safety is not just a priority, but a deeply ingrained culture within your workforce. Envision your employees actively embracing safety measures, proactively seeking ways to maintain a secure work environment, and willingly complying with safety regulations, making safety an integral part of their daily routine.

In our insightful white paper,
you'll discover:

Industry best practices for fostering a safety-first culture
How leading mining companies use incentives to drive safety, sustainability, and performance
Practical strategies to implement a culture of safety
within your organisation
"Keeping our workers safe is a critical priority for our business and a core part of our success. The flexibility that adumo Payouts incentive cards gives us has helped drive high levels of employee satisfaction and transparency, helping us keep our greatest asset - our employees - safe, motivated and productive."

Nico Nel,

Manager: Supply Chain Management at
Exxaro Coal Mpumalanga


Easily encourage and incentivise compliance and well-being with our flexible payout solutions.

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