Financial certainty and accuracy, guaranteed.

In business there is little room for error. Figures need to be accurate, balanced and in the bank. adumo Reconciliation and exception management service is the ideal tool to keep your transactions correct and in agreement… right down to the last cent. As an advanced end-to-end solution, adumo Reconciliation accurately manages and checks all transactions, for any service, across all channels. It also allows you to identify any exceptions which can then be dealt with and resolved.

So how does it work


Through an automated overnight process, each transaction is captured and reconciled using transaction files received from the bank, VAS providers and channel. A daily view of expected card and VAS settlements is then prepared and issued which allows merchants to perform daily audits and admin functions as well as locate problem areas.

Why go with us


We offer a complete standalone solution: with the ability to reconcile both integrated and standalone (bank dependent) transactions. You can rely on our service excellence, which is backed by expert resources and experience. In fact, years of development have gone into this reconciliation system providing the perfect fit within the card and VAS domain. Plus, it won’t cost an arm and a leg to implement either. Our fees are competitive, and we are fully certified.