Flexible gifting and loyalty solutions for all retailers

Grow your customers, grow your business.

Loyal customers are happy customers. adumo Engage is here to help you grow your business through an even more engaged customer base! Designed for every type and size of business, adumo Engage offers flexible, dynamic gifting and loyalty solutions that attract new customers, reward their engagement, and keep them coming back for more.

Features and benefits.

Attract and acquire new customers
Get to know your customers
Increase foot-traffic and spend
Increase brand awareness and affinity
Reward and retain most valuable customers
Gain insights for smarter marketing
Increase revenue and boost your bottom line
Virtual gift vouchers

Gift smarter, with digital vouchers.

Paperless and convenient: we can vouch for this! adumo virtual gift vouchers are delivered digitally via SMS or email and can be purchased and redeemed online or in-store. You can also manage and monitor your voucher programme through the web-based merchant and consumer portals.

Dynamic loyalty rewards

Get to know your customers, and reward their loyalty.

Loyalty should be rewarded. Get to know your customers better with your own loyalty rewards programme! With either points or cashback, reward your loyal customers for their purchasing activity - while turning anonymous swipes into known customers that you can engage with.

Integrated with leading POS providers
* adumo Connect and adumo Infinite coming soon.
Grow & Optimise