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Grow your customers, grow your business.

Attract new customers, reward their engagement, and keep them coming back for more.

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Loyalty rewards.

Get to know your customers, and reward their loyalty.

With either points or cashback, reward your loyal customers for their purchasing activity - while turning anonymous swipes into known customers that you can engage with.

Gift cards.

Acquire new customers, with a custom branded gift card solution.

Linked to your POS or adumo payment device. Your customers can register their card, check their card balance, and view their transaction history through the MyBalance portal, and you manage your gift card programme and accounts through the Engage merchant portal.

Virtual gift vouchers.

Gift smarter, with digital vouchers.

Delivered digitally via SMS or email and can be purchased and redeemed online or in-store. You can also manage and monitor your voucher programme through the web-based merchant and consumer portals.


Attract and acquire new customers
Get to know your customers
Increase foot-traffic and spend
Increase brand awareness and affinity
Reward and retain most valuable customers
Gain insights for smarter marketing
Increase revenue and boost your bottom line

Questions, answered.

Who owns the customer and data associated with the programme?

Your Programme, your Customer. The adumo Engage Solution provides a platform for merchants to run their own programme. All data, members and permissions are 100% owned by the programme owner.

Who holds the member funds and owns the liability of the programme?

We cater for two models – one, whereby we collect and hold the programme funds on behalf of the members and settle the merchant(s) on redemption; and, the alternative, whereby the programme owner is responsible for collecting and holding the funds and managing settlement between merchant stores.

How do I register a member card or account?

For POPIA reasons, customers are encouraged self-register digitally via the adumo self-service consumer Web Portal (mybalance.adumo.com). Alternatively, merchants can register customers via their online Merchant Portal or in-store via their point-of-sale (integrated POS only). Loyalty Cards must be registered in order to redeem, however, it is not compulsory to register Gift Cards or Vouchers and many Gift Cards remain anonymous.

How do gift and loyalty transactions work in-store?

All gifting and loyalty transactions are processed via our adumo standalone payment devices or integrated card payment services in-store.

Can I rebrand the consumer portal?

We do offer white-labelling of the MyBalance consumer portal, quoted on request. Alternatively, we also offer an API that merchants can integrated to from your own company website or e-commerce site.

Who is responsible for member support?

The programme owner is response for providing member support. The Merchant Portal is available to programme owners, store managers and staff to support customers, or they may direct members to the self-service consumer web portal.

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