In today's competitive consumer market, many consumer brands heavily depend on third-party salespeople for a substantial share of their in-store sales. The challenge lies in motivating and incentivising these sales agents to actively endorse and prioritise their products over competitors. So how can brands effectively inspire and encourage these crucial influencers? Enter the sales performance incentive fund (SPIF).

In our insightful white paper, we’ll explore:

The diversity of SPIFs and how leading brands leverage them to inspire field agents and drive sales

Navigating the selection process to find the ideal SPIF for your brand

The myriad of benefits that come with incorporating SPIFs into your sales strategy


We've trusted adumo Payouts for over a decade, using incentive cards to drive net new business and enhance customer satisfaction within our distribution company's various technology sectors.

Shadean Du Preez


Easily incentivise your employees, customers and partners with our flexible payout solutions.

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