Accept online payments anywhere, anytime.

adumo Payment Link is a secure solution that allows you to create, customise and share a payment request via email or SMS for your customers to make immediate payment without risking their card security.

Payment methods.

Smarter ways for customers to pay online.

Why use a payment link?

Improve conversion rates with a more convenient way to pay
Payment links can be enabled across multiple channels eg email, SMS, etc
No website necessary
Easy setup and management through the Client Portal
Decrease EFT-based fraud risk
Payments are backed by a secured payment gateway

How does it work?

You create a payment link.

You create and send a customised payment link.

Customer receives the link.

Customer receives the link via email or SMS.

Customer pays.

Customer pays using their preferred payment method.

You get paid!

You receive confirmation in your portal where you manage all your other payment links.

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