April 25, 2024

Future-proof your business: The adumo advantage in integrated payments

In today’s dynamic business environment, the demand for reliable and forward-thinking payment solutions has never been greater. adumo’s integrated payment solution leads the way as a trailblazer, reshaping the payment ecosystem to provide merchants and customers with an unparalleled transaction experience.

Our adumo PAX-based integrated payment solution stands out with its cutting-edge architecture, seamlessly delivering:

  • Flexible Integration: Our solution effortlessly supports the integration of point-of-sale applications, whether deployed externally or on the payment device itself, streamlining operations and enhancing efficiency.
  • Optimised Footprint: By eliminating the need for a dedicated in-store payment application, we minimise store footprint and simplify installation and support processes. This not only alleviates the burden of hosting, maintaining and supporting such applications but also significantly reduces PCI compliance overheads, effectively keeping the merchant's POS system truly out of PCI scope.
  • Dual Functionality: Our innovative approach supports both integrated and standalone functionality on a single payment device. This means there's no need for an additional backup device; the integrated device switches to standalone mode during store network disruptions or loadshedding, ensuring uninterrupted payment processing.
  • Expanded Services: Access additional services such as alternative payments, gift and loyalty programmes, either as standalone services or seamlessly integrated to the POS.

Android: The preferred OS for payment devices

Android, with its vast user base and growing ecosystem, has emerged as the preferred future operating system for payment devices. With over three billion active users globally, Android offers unparalleled security and flexibility, supporting multiple applications securely accessed via an app store.

The compliance demands of payment processing have led to the development of payment-specific operating systems based on Android. This move ensures heightened security and compliance while capitalising on Android's widespread adoption and developer support.

PAX devices: The backbone of our solution

adumo has based its integrated payment solution on the use of PAX Android payment devices for several compelling reasons:

  • PayDroid Operating System: Ensures the protection of sensitive data and maintains a clear segregation between payment and non-payment applications, meeting stringent compliance standards.
  • Single Family Bank Cert: Covers a range of PAX devices, streamlining certification processes.
  • Versatility: PAX offers a wide range of devices catering to various use cases, including queue busting, mobile point of sale (MPOS), self-service kiosks, integrated POS devices, pay@table, pay@pump, and more, each equipped with diverse connectivity options (Ethernet, Wi-Fi, 4G, and Bluetooth)
  • Battery Support: Many PAX devices come with batteries, crucial for scenarios like queue busting or mobile use, ensuring uninterrupted service even during power outages.
  • MAXSTORE Terminal Management System (TMS): PAX’s best-of-breed TMS enables remote configuration, diagnostics, application loading and updates, and key loading on devices, enhancing operational efficiency and security.
  • Geo-Location & Geo-Fencing: Ensures device security by tracking and disabling devices operating from unauthorised locations, bolstering fraud prevention measures.
  • MAXSTORE Ecosystem: MAXSTORE provides a growing selection of PAX and third-party applications, empowering businesses with versatile tools that can be installed on PAX Android devices. A good example would be the deployment of an Android-based POS application which can also be integrated to the adumo payment solution.

PAX emerged as the natural choice for adumo's Android payment devices, further reinforced by adumo's status as an official reseller of PAX products in sub-Saharan Africa.

Innovation and future-proofing are central tenets of adumo's approach. The versatility of the PAX Android ecosystem allows for the rapid deployment of new payment innovation and merchant-specific applications on the payment devices, maximizing return on investment.

With adumo's integrated payment solution powered by PAX, businesses can confidently navigate the evolving payment landscape, equipped with a solution that is not only reliable and efficient but also primed for the future.

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