What's included in adumo gateway

Open up to new ways to pay online



Customers favourite way to pay, secured with the latest fraud prevention technology. All major schemes are supported: Mastercard®, Visa, Diners Club, Amex

Instant EFT

Faster, safer, and more streamlined than traditional EFTs.


Enables customers to shop online using a revolving credit limit paid in instalments, while you receive settlement in full, up-front.

QR Code

Zapper provides convenient and secure omnichannel mobile payments and data-driven incentivised digital loyalty and vouchering, making payments personal and rewarding for your consumers. Masterpass Scan To Pay is a safe and convenient way to pay online, by simply scanning a QR code.


Customers simply buy a voucher at one of over 92 000 outlets across South Africa, and use the payment PIN at the bottom of the till slip to make a payment online.

VISA Click To Pay

Streamline your checkout process, using their VISA Click To Pay account, customers no longer have to enter account numbers, look up passwords or fill out forms to make a purchase.


Go global and localise your store currency, and unlock new customer and market potential.

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Start accepting online payments.

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