Mobile QR Payments

Simple, secure, convenient.

What Are Mobile QR Payments

Switch the way your customers pay. In-store and online.

In-store finance

Features and Benefits.

Customer convenience
No need for your customers to carry around a physical wallet or cash.
Future payment providers
Get access to new payment methods as they are introduced.
Third Party mobile apps
These mobile applications can be integrated to the adumo mobile platform to support payment.
Improved customer service and increased revenue
Increase customer retention, gain access to new customers, and offer fast and convenient in-store credit facilities, ultimately boosting sales and increasing market share.
Cost savings
Utilise existing payment infrastructure to display QR codes.
Reduced errors
Dynamic QR codes, containing unique transactional details including the amount due, are generated for each transaction, minimising the opportunity for user error.
Increased security and compliance
No PAN data will be processed through the merchant environment, with no further increase in PCI DSS scope inherent to card payments.
Minimal cashier training
Cashiers need to select a single mobile payment option only, no need to select between various alternative payment providers.
Fast and efficient
An efficient mobile payment service.
Single reconciliation solution
Easily reconcile all alternative payment transactions, both integrated and standalone, via the adumo Reconciliation service.
No chargebacks
When push payment receives regulatory approval, chargeback risk to the merchant will be eliminated.
Merchant settlement
Push payment promises potential near real-time settlement in future with the associated interest gains.